World of America

We are THE BEST 

independent benefit advisor brokerage firm


A member of Globalitas Group

 — Since 1982 —


We support our agents' skills by offering them professional and agile service at all times

The WOA staff, with an average of 7.3 years in our company, provides you with the experience and dedication in every process. 


Based on this experience, insurance policies and claims are expeditiously placed and processed, while ensuring, at the same time, that our customers make the most of their benefits.

We use information systems supported by the latest technology.


This technology allows us to maintain control of each of the documents, processes, advances and follow-up, related to the customer information.

Apart from your knowledge

as an agent, you must have

competitive tools

Our portfolio offers the best products, the widest benefits, world-renowned insurance companies, and highly competitive prices.

When providing coverage, each area expert staff is responsible for meeting the support needed by the agents and the customer, so that the company offers responses in the shortest possible time.


At World of America we know that

the best way to repay our agents'

great efforts and dedication

is to reward them well.


Our incentive plan starts with the highest level of local

and international training.


We regularly conduct sales contests designed to allow even beginners to win excellent prizes such as: Apple Watch, virtual assistants, etc... And we must not forget our conventions!!!


Different countries with spectacular destinations are chosen for our conventions. Our May 2019 Convention was held on Costa del Sol, in Spain. Unforgettable!


Our agents are currently preparing their sales to qualify for a new adventure in Italy on 2020. Watch our next convention video here!

More than 52 international awards and recognitions on sales and service quality are part of the outcomes of professional agents, staff with great experience and executives committed to results.

You can be part of our team!

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